Postscript Variations

In a previous post, I described the process of “deconstructing” a digital photograph into it’s native digital language, postscript. This is accomplished by opening the image in a simple word program (such as Notepad on a PC), which will reveal hundreds of pages of alien-looking characters you’ll never find on a standard keyboard.

I enjoy the sheer creative exercise of creating new images from this postscript.  I do it by copying and pasting a tiny portion of the postscript text back into a blank Photoshop file, then begin to play with layers, colors, transformations and lens flares.

The images below are all variations of the same postscript text. The creative exploration comes from opening the file and simply saving the result after some period of “play”.  For me, every version represents an “alter-universe”, since they are all derived from the postscript (or digital genetic DNA if you will) of one original image.  Viewed from that perspective, they are merely interpretations of the same image.


Computer Art Lawrence Crandall

Computer Art Lawrence Crandall

Computer Art alternate universe

Computer Art postscript mashup

Postscript reconstruction

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