Making of Equilibrium

  Equilibrium is the title of a fine art giclee print I produced and sold at an Earth Exhibition at Swirl, San Francisco, CA.  While traveling in Tokyo, I was impressed with the order and precision exhibited in societal behavior despite great numbers of people in the streets.  This mandala type rendering of an ordinary […]

Reflection of Reeds

This photograph has been used in many contemporary settings as wall art.  It has an almost abstract first-read, and then the more you examine it the more details you see besides the reeds in the water: small flies, ripples and bubbles. The most interesting installation of this photograph is in a Los Angeles Psychotherapist’s office, […]

Letting Go

During my career I served as Photo Editor and Production Manager for two weekly newspapers:  The Long Beach News and The Huntington Beach News. One day my editor told me he needed a photograph to accompany a story titled “Alzheimer’s Disease: Loved Ones Suffer the Most”. This first photo below was the result of that […]

Gold King Mine & Ghost Town

Last week I needed a break from the grind and had to “get out of Dodge” (which in my case is L.A.). I’ve been to our local deserts many times, but this time I wanted to go a bit farther.  Booking a seat on an airline I’d never heard of (Great Lakes Airlines), my good […]

Social and Event Photography

We have over 20 years experience with wedding photography in Southern California, at a wide range of venues.  Due to the specialized nature of event photography, we have devoted an entire separate website for this purpose.  If you are a client looking for this type of photography service, we hope you’ll visit our dedicated sister site CRANDALLPHOTO  and give us the opportunity to exceed your expectations.

Product Illustrations

Product Illustration in photography allows us to view ordinary objects in a new light. We can help your concept by illustrating products creatively, from small widgets to a large commercial buildings.


Photography can help us interpret the journey. We are all on the same journey but take a thousand different paths.  We make our stops at interesting places; we encounter new sights and revisit familiar haunts.  At times we travel light and other times are burdened by the baggage we insist accompany us.  We share our […]


  We can’t escape our capacity for being subjective: from pointing the lens to choosing the subject and location, everything about an image conveys much about the creator of the image.  Yet dreams can be universal. In the world of dreams and visions, one can transcend culture and language.  Music and much of art is […]


  Travelers from every path remind us of the fullness and diversity of the shared human experience. “Them and Us” is a pivotal point for either celebrating human diversity or reinforcing intolerance. Put away the selfies and turn that camera outward.

Photographs transport us to another time and place

As viewers we associate a sense of reality in a photograph.  Logically we understand that images today tend to be highly manipulated, and that what we are viewing my have little or no relation to a real time and place.  Yet photographic components in an image strike us in a way that illustration cannot, and […]