Photographs transport us to another time and place

As viewers we associate a sense of reality in a photograph.  Logically we understand that images today tend to be highly manipulated, and that what we are viewing my have little or no relation to a real time and place.  Yet photographic components in an image strike us in a way that illustration cannot, and therefore a part of our brain acknowledges a sense of objectivity, whether perceived or real.

With digital enhancement and retouching tools, modern photography can portray an idea more powerfully than ever.  At the core however, a successful photograph stands on its own merit; it either works or it doesn’t, irregardless of the tools used to create it.  Sophisticated viewers know the difference between an image that works, and one that might have fancy Instagram filters but doesn’t really convey anything.  Its easier than ever to make the icing on the cake, but we should still endeavor to scrape it away and examine what is underneath.

Tree of Light and Shadow

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