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Social and Event Photography

We have over 20 years experience with wedding photography in Southern California, at a wide range of venues.  Due to the specialized nature of event photography, we have devoted a separate website for this purpose.  If you are a client looking for this type of photography service, we hope you’ll visit  CRANDALLPHOTO  for more detailed information.

Geting Ready 03 Groomsmen Ketubah-signing-Bel-Air La-Venta-Wedding Muckenthaler-Mansion Ritz-Sunset-Terrace-wedding St-Regis-Grand-Lawn Groomsmen-at-Pelican-Hill Photo-with-Grandmother Ringbearer-and-Grandfather Bride-with-Bouganvillea Calamigos-Ranch-bride Megan-at-the-Montage Ogasawara-Tokyo-Japan Ritz-Carlton-bride St-Regis-bride St-Regis-Staircase Alpine-Glow-from-the-Helipa A-moment-alone In-the-limo Montage-Sunset Passing-Train Rancho-Capastrano Salt-Creek-Beach_0760 St-Regis-Staircase-021 Bread-and-florals Candles Casa-Del-Mar-Ballroom Jonathan-Club-Los-Angeles Placesetting-with-orchid Sheen-Linen Black-Dance-Floor First-Dance_0881 First-Dance_1125 First-Dance_Montage First-Dance-Club-19 First-Dance-Pelican-Hill Kodak-Theater-First-Dance Dancing-at-Bel-Air-Hotel Party_1029 Party_1036 Party_1250 Party_1346 Party_1353a Party_1518 Party_Wedding_USC_Band Wedding_Band

Product Illustrations

product illustration sauza tequila, a lime and salt
Product Illustration in photography allows us to view ordinary objects in a new light. We can help your concept by illustrating products creatively, from small widgets to a large commercial buildings.


Winter beach erosion in Sunset Beach, CA

Photography can help us interpret the journey. We are all on the same journey but take a thousand different paths.  We make our stops at interesting places; we encounter new sights and revisit familiar haunts.  At times we travel light and other times are burdened by the baggage we insist accompany us.  We share our experience with others either on parallel paths or at random intersections. The camera has been a companion on my journeys, and my images enable me to create new intersections with others.  For me, the strongest photographs reach us on a deeply personal level and ring of familiarity with respect to our own journey.


Dreams by Lawrence Crandall


We can’t escape our capacity for being subjective: from pointing the lens to choosing the subject and location, everything about an image conveys much about the creator of the image.  Yet dreams can be universal. In the world of dreams and visions, one can transcend culture and language.  Music and much of art is capable of this transcendence. And sometimes, photography. Such stuff as dreams are made of…an ongoing collection.




Travelers from every path remind us of the fullness and diversity of the shared human experience. “Them and Us” is a pivotal point for either celebrating human diversity or reinforcing intolerance. Put away the selfies and turn that camera outward.