Making of Equilibrium

  Equilibrium is the title of a fine art giclee print I produced and sold at an Earth Exhibition at Swirl, San Francisco, CA.  While traveling in Tokyo, I was impressed with the order and precision exhibited in societal behavior despite great numbers of people in the streets.  This mandala type rendering of an ordinary […]

Reflection of Reeds

This photograph has been used in many contemporary settings as wall art.  It has an almost abstract first-read, and then the more you examine it the more details you see besides the reeds in the water: small flies, ripples and bubbles. The most interesting installation of this photograph is in a Los Angeles Psychotherapist’s office, […]

Letting Go

During my career I served as Photo Editor and Production Manager for two weekly newspapers:  The Long Beach News and The Huntington Beach News. One day my editor told me he needed a photograph to accompany a story titled “Alzheimer’s Disease: Loved Ones Suffer the Most”. This first photo below was the result of that […]

Gold King Mine & Ghost Town

Last week I needed a break from the grind and had to “get out of Dodge” (which in my case is L.A.). I’ve been to our local deserts many times, but this time I wanted to go a bit farther.  Booking a seat on an airline I’d never heard of (Great Lakes Airlines), my good […]

Photographs transport us to another time and place

As viewers we associate a sense of reality in a photograph.  Logically we understand that images today tend to be highly manipulated, and that what we are viewing my have little or no relation to a real time and place.  Yet photographic components in an image strike us in a way that illustration cannot, and […]