Artwork is Exhibited January 2017




Bulwark and Pathlight are dual 20″x20″ (25″x25″ framed) pigment prints which will be on exhibit at Huntington Beach’s Art Center show, Center on the Center from January 28-March 6, 2017.

Bulwark is a visual statement about human attempts to master the natural world.  For this image the ocean and sky demanded prominence, relegating the Huntington Beach Pier as a lesser but defiant element.  A different interpretation of the same scene would have portrayed the dark, overpowering criss-cross timbers with small slices of sea and sky competing for space.

PathLight was created on a crisp predawn Bolsa Chica morning, its predominate illustration “a light shining in the darkness”. There is also an interesting juxtaposition between the seemingly endless disarray of footprints nearly everywhere except the straight path leading to the light. I was struck by the utter beauty of the place at this hour: the intense colors and textures, interesting lighting and sense of solitude was transformed just minutes later into something far more dull and familiar.

Opening Reception is January 28, 6-9pm and the Center is at 538 Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92648.  More information may be obtained here. You are invited and I hope to meet you there!

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