Artist Statement

The natural world speaks to us in metaphors – the endless crashing of waves, the juxtaposition of decaying leaves and new growth, footprints in the sand leading to infinity. 


My process is to immerse myself in the vast openness of a place, and attempt to convey a single archetypal aspect about the space to the viewer. My goal is to simplify, distill and convey something universal that will resonate with the viewer on a deeper level than purely visual. 


The challenge of revealing the universal nature of a place is twofold: a photographer must choose a singular point of view, and a camera records a literal interpretation of that view. A place always conveys tension with competing stories. For me, the work is looking beneath the presenting surface, examining the deeper influences and choosing one.


My work invites the viewer on a visual journey by refining visual distraction into a single story which will resonate with the viewer on a familiar and intimate level, while preserving the vast openness of the space to enter into and experience serenity and safety.

Lawrence Crandall, 2017